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Verified Buyer
Love the design
I really like this case. I dropped it and the top came off though. It would be nice if it came with double sided tape as I have seen on other cases to keep the top from coming off so easily. I love the sunflowers. They are my daughter's favorite flower so having this case reminds me of her.
Tammy R
Verified Buyer
Super cute airpods
I love the flower design! You can’t really see the light in the front though.
Edit: I had the bottom case on backwards. It was difficult to take off, but now you can see the light in the front.
Jamie Beau
Verified Buyer
Cute case!
Cute case! The bottom is not easy to take off. I also wished it had the opening in the back to be able to connect to the iPhone without having to take the bottom case off.
Magen Murillo
Verified Buyer
Looks cool
I was looking for a case that can travel with me everywhere and be built to last. This fit the bill perfectly and is very accurate to the pictures and color. It holds the AirPods Pros case very well and the clip attached is made of a higher quality then others standard carabiner option.
Verified Buyer
Cute design good price
Love this! The print quality is fantastic, they keep my AirPods connected to my lanyard. Cute design great quality. Love that I can see the charging light through the case. It also feels very secure, I’m not worried about it popping off.
Verified Buyer
Got as a gift for my sister and she says she loved it. A good buy
Ethan Sigaran
Verified Buyer
Love it the glitter looks really nice the part to clip it broke off too fast but it protects my AirPods