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151 Reviews | 4.8 Rating
Gopo Giorgio Verified Buyer
October 06, 2021

10 days to receive the package, beautiful! I like this LV iPhone case so much that there is no peculiar smell. The seller even gave me a screen saver glass!

Jacopo Verified Buyer
September 30, 2021
Perfect case

It was perfect and luxurious. The package was received on the 9th day after the order, and the seller presented the screen glass film of iPhone 11 as a gift...THANKS DEAR

Meiting Verified Buyer
September 08, 2021
100% worth your money

Highly satisfied with my iPhone 12 Pro Max case purchase .ordered 08/30 and received on 09/08. Surprisingly fast delivery

Sara Verified Buyer
September 08, 2021
Gorgeous phones case

Pics speaks itself . It comes with a nice Louis Vuitton box. Very impressed by the quality of the product. Happy customer

Sara Verified Buyer
September 08, 2021
Gorgeous phones case

Pics speaks itself . It comes with a nice Louis Vuitton box. Very impressed by the quality of the product. Happy customer

B. Vntages Verified Buyer
August 16, 2021
Great watch band

Great, the most beautiful Apple Watch band I have ever bought, the details are perfect and fit

Montanazse Jon Verified Buyer
August 13, 2021
Love it

I bought my apple watch strap for the second time. Gave the lv watch strap I bought for the first time to my daughter. She love it very much and recommends it

Amy Verified Buyer
August 07, 2021
Best MK case

Best AirPod case that I've had, Even nicer and stronger than I expected. I’ve had two others before now and one of my AirPods ended up falling out and getting lost. This luxury case looks very designer and hardware is high quality. i hang it on the zipper pull on the inside pocket of my bag and it is perfect.

Neon Kidas Verified Buyer
August 05, 2021

High quality, the logo on the strap is clear, without any peculiar smell, red suits me.

Karl Robin Verified Buyer
August 02, 2021
Best lv straps

Better than I expected, the LV LOGO is clearly printed, and the leather grains feel good. It is very suitable for my apple Watch, Love love

Jack Stephen Verified Buyer
August 02, 2021
Recommend buy

It is a high-quality leather iphone case that matches my iPhone Pro Max. I like the design of this replica Louis Vuitton iphone case very much. I recommend you to buy it!

Mikel Montana Verified Buyer
July 30, 2021
Super fast

Super fast, I received it in three days! The quality is good and fits my Apple Airpods perfectly, if you like Louis Vuitton, buy it!

Marriy Juliana Verified Buyer
July 29, 2021
Happy shopping!

I got the package on the eighth day of the order. I was surprised after it was opened. This replica Louis Vuitton watch strap is of good quality and soft. Of course, it is perfectly compatible with my apple watch. After all, I feel more happy after using it.

Jesus Louis Verified Buyer
July 29, 2021
Great watch strap

It’s a perfect watch strap. This fan’s is more beautiful than I expected. The LV logo on the back of the watch point looks real and worth buying!

Autria Tutt Verified Buyer
July 27, 2021
Luxury and sturdy!

Sturdy and luxury. I am a fan of Louis Vuitton, I really like this lv airpod case with keychain... Fits case well. Easy to use snap button is a breeze. No more hunting for case. Very well made and sturdy the clip hardware is solid. Charging slot well designed. Overall very happy.

Monica Verified Buyer
July 26, 2021
Great quality

Loved the quality, craftsmanship and classy leather look. Looks great with my Airpods. Clips right on to it. The clip is sturdy as is the button in the flap. Love love this case

Jami Andrews Verified Buyer
July 22, 2021

I was able to buy it on Amazon last year, but Amazon can’t find any Louis Vuitton airpod case now, so lucky to finally find it on this website. I bought it and received the package on the fourth day! Nicely made and can hang it on you purse

Josh Golden Verified Buyer
July 19, 2021
Expensive looking case!

Use it everyday! Super cute and perfect for my AirPods. The leather feels very sturdy considering the cheap price. Would definitely recommend!. I love the lv case color, and it's accessible.

Isaiah Verified Buyer
July 15, 2021
Buy it

Surprise! The package was received on the third day and the speed was very fast! It is the Gucci case I expect and the details are perfect. If you're a fan of Gucci, buy it!

Miks John Verified Buyer
July 08, 2021
I love this bag

The quality of this Louis Vuitton iphone bags is super good, I love it very much, the details are almost perfect! I use it to carry my phone, lipstick, like!! If you are a fan of LV, you must buy it, GOOD PRICE!

Anna Verified Buyer
July 05, 2021

Anyone else charged with TWO pending purchase when they only bought one case. Cause I was and I’m not happy rn

Madonna Joy Verified Buyer
June 23, 2021
Great protective case

Arrived in three days... I like this lv airpod case very suitable for my AirPods. I never have to worry about them slipping or falling. I like the color and quality of the case. and I don't have to worry about losing it. When you need to charge AirPods, a convenient flip cover opens at the bottom of the case. I like this situation and I am very happy to get it.

Kayla McCalla Verified Buyer
June 21, 2021
Beautiful case!

Luxury the design and the secure fit. Beautiful and feels weighty in my hand made form good quality materials. Highly recommend and buying the lv airpod case for a friend.

Robin Verified Buyer
June 17, 2021
Fastest delivery!

Fastest delivery, I think it's a super luxury way to display my Louis Vuitton bags. Granted they are meticulously made and I more than got my money's worth. Fit the Apple Air Pod case great! The lanyard in the accessories is very beautiful

Sherena Verified Buyer
June 12, 2021
I love this case

I love this case!! It really looks like an official Mk case. The clip did detach from the case but was easily fixed! Would most definitely recommend if you like Michael Kors!

Liza Verified Buyer
June 10, 2021
Worth the spend!

I gotta say, this case is cute! It is obviously not coated canvas or leather (more like a vinyl sticker), but who cares when it’s this cute! I took a pic next to my real Flora wallet and hey, not too shabby. This certainly beats the $1100 price tag on the real GG AirPods Pro case coming in the Fall. The device fits inside the case nicely

Reyna Verified Buyer
June 07, 2021
Nice case!

I bought two case, one lv and one gucci airpods case, they arrived in three days, too fast! Everything I thought it would be and sturdy. Came in great time and very durable! Will definitely buy from there again

Melissa Verified Buyer
June 06, 2021
Perfect match

The gucci airpods case comes with a small carabiner as listed, along with the two different sized straps. Perfect match with my gucci bag...Oh, and it was also packaged in its own zip case. Not just a plastic sheath. I’m giddy with this $20 purchase. If you’re wondering whether you should buy it, buy it. ☺️

Elena Galvez Verified Buyer
June 02, 2021
Worth the money

Better than I expected. This is a birthday present for my son. He especially likes the lanyard in this case Package. He even hangs the airpod pro around his neck every day, but it looks very handsome! If the logistics is faster, I will give five stars.

Dakayla Sellars Verified Buyer
May 29, 2021

Although it doesn't look as cool as shown in the detail picture, I still like this situation very much. Don't worry! It's cool to hang airpod around your neck. I will buy it for my friend again. Give him a surprise © 2019-2021 Copyright, All Rights Reserved