Hortory offer a 30-days Refund and Return policy guarantee. Within 30 days after the successful delivery of the package, you have the right to apply for a refund or exchange of your order. The successful delivery date and the delivery status of the package are subject to the logistics tracking results on our carrier's website, if you do not submit it within 30 days Any refund or return request, you will no longer enjoy any refund or exchange guarantee service.

Hortory Refund / Return Policy and Conditions:
1. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, or ordered the wrong item, color size or item model due to your own mistake, please send the package back to the return address we provided you. Any product you return must be in the same condition and original packaging as when you received it, please keep the email receipt as proof of purchase and you will be responsible for your own return shipping. Once we receive your returned item, we will process your refund and automatically apply the credit limit to your credit card or original payment method.

2. If the package is not successfully received within 25 days after you receive the order confirmation email, please contact us for a full refund, and the delivery status is subject to the package tracking results of the carrier's website.

3. If you have successfully placed an order and want to cancel the order or want a refund, if you have not received the email with the tracking ID or the order package has not been shipped, we can refund you within 24 hours. If the package has already been shipped, you will need to resubmit the refund or return request within 30 days of receiving the package.

4. If you have received the package, but it is not the product you ordered in this package, or the product is broken or damaged due to transportation, please contact our after-sales team and take photos for us, once confirmed, we will Refund to you within hours. If you just need a replacement without a refund, we will re-ship you the correct product within 2 days.

5. Items specifically marked as handmade on the product detail page will not be eligible for any return or refund policy.

Special Statement Regarding for Refund or Return:
1. Any refund needs to be applied within 30 days after receiving the package. If it exceeds 30 days, any refund service will no longer be available.
2. Please choose the correct color, size, etc. of the product carefully when placing an order to avoid any return or exchange.
3. We do not provide any return labels or pay any return shipping.
4. Any returned items must be sent to our designated shipping address.
5. Any items returned to us that are not eligible for a refund will be discarded or returned to you at your own expense.

We encourage customers to read and understand our Returns Policy carefully.
Please make sure all items are eligible for return to avoid disappointment.
In the event of miscommunication or otherwise, the terms and conditions for returns and refunds listed on our website shall prevail.
If you have any questions please contact us at bill@hortory.com and our customer support team will assist within 24 hours.